some of my fav art from 2013, for archival purposes!

two magical girls, one with pink kitty ears and a pink and purple costume, the other with green and purple colors. there is lightning around them and the background is yellow circles. a gold and purple glittering dragon. a mermaid with blonde hair and blue eyes, with a grey tail. she sits on a rock and the sky is grey. mint and zakuro from tokyo mew mew in school uniforms. a bunny girl dressed with astronaut themes like stars and galaxy prints. chibis of Rei and Vector from yugioh zexal dressed in pastel goth fashion. a bunny and kitty themed magical girls holding hands. the bunny is orange and green themed, the kitty is purple and pink themed. they have a carrot and star wand respectively. a mauve colored bunny furry with yellow stripes and spots. she has blue hair and a light purple striped mini dress. a pixel of a computer-headed princess, who is blinking. a chibi of chris from yugioh zexal. chibis of yuma and shingestsu from yugioh zexal. they are linked at the elbow. yuma and astral from yugioh zexal. they are flipped upside down from each other and reaching out against a galaxy patterned background, with a thorn border around the drawing. a chibi of madoka from madoka magica. kisara and seto kaiba from yugioh as chibis, in school uniforms together.

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